iPad 5/6th Gen Touch Screen Repair

  • 5 horas
  • 90 euros

Descripción del servicio

We are a highly experienced Smart Phones repair company. With over 13 years of experience in repairing iPad, phones and laptops, we can guarantee a first class repair service. If your laptop / iPad has been making your life miserable, then look no further- send it over to us. In addition to having a short turnaround time, an unbeatable price and a supportive customer service team, we also stock most genuine replacement parts needed for repairing laptops/iPads. That is why our average turnaround time and prices are very low. Please note that the price for replacement parts is included for iPad screens and we might need to charge you an additional fee if replacement parts are needed.

Detalles del contacto

+353 12447391


Mobile Fix-Phone Repair, Aungier Street, Dublin, Ireland

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